What is the Good Egg Fund?

People want to help each other. It is in our nature. Sometimes the problems of the world can seem so big that it feels like one little person can do nothing to stop all the bad that is out there. But we believe that’s just not true. We believe the best help we can give another person is the feeling that another human being sees them and cares about them.

That’s why we started the Good Egg Fund. The fund will provide grants of $500 or less to people who want to help someone face to face. Do you know a kid on a soccer team who’s wearing sneakers 3 sizes too small? We’ll fund those sneakers if you’ll give them to him with a hug. You know a group of men huddle under the same overpass every Saturday? We’ll buy them coffee if you’ll sit down and drink it with them. After you’re done, we ask that you send us a little video telling us about your experience so we can share it with the Good Eggs who support these projects.

We think so much good can happen in this world if someone is just given the resources to make it happen. We think the most important resource we have is each other. If you have an idea that could benefit your community click that big “Submit an Idea” button up top! If you're interested in being a financial supporter of all this good, head over to our “donate” page!